"Here, God, please take this burden"

Can there be peace in uncertainty? What about when God’s plans seem overwhelming?

In 1997 we were considering ministry in a western Hungarian city of 86,000 people. We had heard that the city housed several cult groups and was known as the witchcraft capitol of Hungary.

I felt like we were walking into a thick fog of unknowns. Would it be hard to start a church there? What struggles and opposition would we face? How would our children be affected?

When I received the final word that we would be moving to that city, I felt like a heavy weight fell on my shoulders.

“What are we getting into?” I asked myself. “How can my husband and I, just two little people, hope to reach a whole city for Christ?”

The burden weighed so heavily on me that I did then what I have done before with burdens that I can’t carry alone. I figuratively took the burden in my hands, and I offered it up to God.

“Here God, please take this burden,” I said. “It’s too heavy for me to carry. Will you take it, please?”

I felt like He took it from me, and I was relieved.

But then He gave it back!

“God, what are you doing?” I cried out. “I gave you this burden because it was too heavy for me. Why are you giving it back? I can’t bear it!”

I noticed then that His hands were under mine, bearing the weight of the burden. And I felt His peace.

Note: This is third in a series based on the Fruit of the Spirit. Peace, too, is an outworking of Love–the Father’s love for us, and our love for others.


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