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“Maya* is moving to Turkey to marry a man she met only a few weeks ago,” said my daughter. “She was there for 12 days, and this 31-year-old guy she had never met before proposed to her. She said yes!”

The story reeked of human trafficking. A 19-year-old girl from a Central Asian country longs to escape to a better life. Her sister takes her to Turkey for a short vacation. At her sister’s friend’s friend’s house, she meets a man who speaks kindly to her. They meet a few more times, and he promises her a good life as his wife. She grabs the chance to go abroad, to have a brighter future.

If it is indeed human trafficking, when she arrives there he’ll take her passport and money and hand her over to his cohorts. They’ll rape and humiliate her, then send her to a brothel in Turkey or another country. She’ll be a slave.

We invited Maya to our home for lunch and a movie before she left.

“We’re showing you this movie, Human Trafficking, because we’re concerned that you might be getting into a similar situation,” I said.

Human Trafficking is about a teenage girl from the Ukraine, a single mom from the Czech Republic, a child from the Philippines, and a 12-year-old girl from America, all trafficked into sex slavery. The Czech woman’s story is disturbingly similar to Maya’s.

We paused the movie because Maya was texting. “My boyfriend insists I always let him know where I am. Wherever I go in the day, I text him soon after I arrive,” she said.

My daughter and I exchanged glances. Maya was already under his control!

After the movie, Maya said, “I’ll be very careful in Turkey to stay away from Russian men, or anyone else who seems suspicious.” Her voice was shaking.

“I’m afraid you could be trafficked like the Czech woman in the movie,” I said. “If you are trafficked, please never give up hope. But even if you aren’t trafficked, you could end up in a really bad marriage.”

“Men in Turkey are different than here. He’ll be good to me,” she replied. I said I wasn’t so sure.

“Why don’t you wait for a year – get to know him better?” I suggested. “If he really loves you he’ll wait for you.”

“I know he loves me,” she said, smiling shyly.

We prayed and hugged and then she was gone.

Gone. She couldn’t wait.


*not her real name

Note: This is fourth in a series based on the Fruit of the Spirit. Patience, too, is an outworking of Love–the Father’s love for us, and our love for others.