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Not cozy complacency or comfortable cowardice,
         But complete consecration and costly courage.
Not sleepy safety or simpering self-indulgence,
         But radical risk-taking and releasing rights.

It does not throw in the towel,
         But carries it humbly and serves with it sacrificially.
It does not force others to suffer the weight of its cross,
         But bears its own cross with integrity.
It does not exercise power or strangle freedom,
         But knows that true love empowers and releases.

It controls itself,
         Not others.
                  It serves others,
                           Not itself.

It hears the call of duty
         And works with willingness.
It listens to the cry of others’ need
         And helps with diligence.
It turns its ear toward the whisper of others’ desire
         And fulfills it with delight.

Kindness has learned that in Christ,
         Brokenness is wholeness,
         To lose our life is to find it, and
         In weakness is true strength.

Note: This is fifth in a series based on the Fruit of the Spirit. Kindness, too, is an outworking of Love–the Father’s love for us, and our love for others.